Basic website configuration, you can set website name or logo here and email address where you can receive forgotten password.

Visual HTML editor, helps you to fill your website with content, without HTML knowledge.

There are 2 different ways to create a new line in the WYSIWYG editor, P or BR tag. Choose between these two, but the one that is most needed by you has been selected by default. It's BR tag

Choose an image which will appear on your website as a logo or leave this field empty to display website name and slogan instead.

On some servers, default mail() function is not available and emails (like from contact form) are not being sent. Use one of these alternate options.

A subpage, which will load first and will be displayed as your website's homepage

Select a template which will be used as default template for your website.

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Favicon is an important part of your website, a small image, which will appear in visitor's browser's URL bar, and in bookmarks

Content which appears in the bottom of your website, like: Copyright ©2020
Please go to your Twitter → Settings → Widgets, create a widget and paste widget code below

Your website title, will appear as title in search engine results. Leave empty to use default title.

Your website description, will appear as a subtitle in search engine results, suggested maximum length should be 250 characters

Your website keywords, related to your website contents. Modern search engines usually ignore this list, so just make sure your content is attractive enough for visitors

Use this option to make your menu links Search Engine Friendly!
Your subpages links in menu will contain subpage name or be as custom as you wish to contain keywords you prefer.

Please note!
To use this feature, be sure your server has 'mod_rewrite' module installed!

Simple hit counter will appear on bottom of your website. For more advanced stats, see below for Google Analytics. Edit

"#" character will be replaced with number of visits. Number of visits is cached and you may need to restart your browser to see current number of visits.

Track your website visitors with free Google Analytics.
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